Release checklist

The following tasks need to be completed for each release of Flake8-AAA. They are mainly for the maintainer’s use.


Given a new version called x.y.z:

  • Create a branch for the new release. Usually called something like bump-vx.y.z.
  • Run ./ [x.y.z].
  • Commit changes and push bump-vx.y.z branch for testing.


Now is a good time to build and check the documentation locally:

$ make doc
$ firefox docs/_build/html/index.html

Ensure that command line output examples are up to date. They can be updated using the output of the cmd and cmdbad tox environments.


  • When branch bump-vx.y.z is green, then merge it to master. All pull requests are “squash merged”.
  • Update master locally and ensure that you remain on master for the rest of the process.

Test PyPI

  • Test that a build can be shipped to test PyPI with make testpypi.
  • After successful push, check the TestPyPI page.

Tag and push

  • Tag the repo with make tag. Add a short message describing the key feature of this release.
  • Make the new tag public with git push origin --tags.
  • Build and push to PyPI with make pypi.
  • After successful push, check the PyPI page.

Post release checks

  • Visit the CHANGELOG and ensure that the new release’s comparison link works with the new tag.

  • Check the RTD builds to ensure that the latest documentation version has been picked up and that the stable docs are pointed at it.

    A new docs release will not have been created for the new tag as per this issue. Click “Build Version:” on the builds page for the new tag to be picked up.