Flake8-AAA can be controlled using some special directives in the form of comments in your test code.

Explicitly marking blocks

One can set the act block explicitly using the # act comment. This is necessary when there is no assignment possible.

See AAA01: no Act block found in test - Correct code 2.

Disabling Flake8-AAA selectively

When invoked via Flake8, Flake8 will filter any errors raised when lines are marked with the # noqa syntax. You can turn off all errors from Flake8-AAA by marking a line with # noqa: AAA and other Flake8 errors will still be returned.

If you just want to ignore a particular error, then you can use the more specific code and indicate the exact error to be ignored. For example, to ignore the check for a space before the Act block, we can mark the Act block with # noqa: AAA03:

def test():
    x = 1
    result = x + 1  # noqa: AAA03

    assert result == 2